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samsung un65f6300 vs un65f6350

Samsung UN65F6300 Reviews

Samsung UN65F6300 Review
Rating 10
170 Reviews

65 inch

I have been looking to upgrade from my 32inch Insignia 1080p tv of about 4 years, it was great but really does not come close to top tier brands like Samsung/Sony ...

Samsung SSG-P3100M/ZA Starter Kit and PN64D8000 Reviews

Samsung SSG-P3100M/ZA Starter Kit and  PN64D8000 Review
Rating 10
1 Reviews

64 inch

I will say first off that I am not a proffessional TV guy ...

Samsung LNS1952D Reviews

Samsung LNS1952D Review
Rating 8.2
7 Reviews

19 inch

This is an excellent product - very pleased with everything except the sound - could be better but I use for kitchen tv and is sufficient ...

Samsung B2330HD Reviews

Samsung B2330HD Review
Rating 9.2
17 Reviews

23 inch

Samsung B2330HD 23-Inch LCD TVAfter three years, the monitor that came with my Gateway computer crashed and burned ...

Samsung HLR5667W Reviews

Samsung HLR5667W Review
Rating 9
52 Reviews

56 inch

I have had the Samsung HLR5667W for about three weeks now, and I feel I must tell everyone what a GREAT TV this is for the money! I recently hosted my company party at my home - my company designs and installs large scale audio and video systems ...

Samsung LNT4053H Reviews

Samsung LNT4053H Review
Rating 8.6
115 Reviews

40 inch

After several months of research, and changing my mind between Plasma vs ...

Samsung LNS4041D Reviews

Samsung LNS4041D Review
Rating 8.2
78 Reviews

40 inch

After about 6 weeks of researching LCD TVs I decided on this model and I am very satisfied with it ...

Samsung LNT2653H Reviews

Samsung LNT2653H Review
Rating 8
70 Reviews

26 inch

Every time I turn this thing on I am amazed all over again ...

Samsung LNS4051D Reviews

Samsung LNS4051D Review
Rating 8.8
182 Reviews

40 inch

You really have to do your homework when you are moving into HDTV for the first time ...

Samsung LNS2641D Reviews

Samsung LNS2641D Review
Rating 8.6
32 Reviews

26 inch

I am new to the HDTV world ...

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